The Small Gold ADA Restroom Trailer offers unisex ADA approved accommodations as well as separate men’s and women’s restrooms in an upscale environment. The interior features amenities including lighted entryways, grey walls, six panel doors, white sinks with chrome metered faucets, and white sloan waterless urinals. Extra features such as air conditioning, heat, hot water, and stereo offer exceptional luxury and bring the comforts of home to any location.


ADA side
ADA entrance door with 1 ADA flushing toilet, 1 ADA sink with metered faucet, and 1 ADA mirror. ADA side is gender neutral.

Women's side
1 private room with flushing china toilet and marble sink area.

Men's side
1 private room with flushing china toilet, china urinal, and marble sink area.

Site Requirements
3/4 inch city water supply via a garden hose and three (3) 20 amp 110 volt power connections.

  • Length: 29'
  • Width: 8'6
  • Height: 11'6
  • Holding Capacity: Approx 900 Gallons