The new Compact Silver Combo Trailer is a 14 foot portable restroom trailer which also includes a shower facility. The Compact Silver Combo Trailer features two private restrooms, each with a toilet, sink, vanity area, and shower all in a compact and climate-controlled environment.

  • 2 private unisex bathing rooms
  • Each private room has a changing area, one toilet, one sink vanity with mirror and one enclosed shower stall.
  • Exterior occupancy indicator with interior deadbolt lock for security
  • Heated / air conditioned and hot and cold running water
  • Exhaust venting
  • Wastewater holding tank / Grey water holding tank
  • 40 Gallon water heater and propane cylinder provides hot water
Specifications & Site Requirements
  • Trailer Size: 14’4” L x 6’4” W x 12’ H
  • 2 holding tanks: 100 gallon wastewater / 230 gallon grey water
  • Electrical: One 20-amp 110V electrical connections is required for power. If air conditioning is needed, one additional 20-amp 110V electrical connection is needed. For heating, two additional 20-amp 110V electrical connections are required to power the heating system.
  • Water: Outside source through garden hose.