Bright blue skies, a romantic breeze, a sunset over the water – a lake-side wedding seems picture perfect. But it’s no secret having your wedding outdoors may come with its fair share of challenges. We’ve consolidated some of the best tips to keep your waterfront event running smoothly.

1. Decorate with the great outdoors.

Let nature to be your primary decoration allow your guests to fall in love with the trees and pristine water view. Embrace your decor with a less-is-more approach to highlight the most of what the natural landscape can do.  

2. Have a rain plan, just in case.

You can’t control the weather don’t let the chance of rain be the source of your anxiety on this special day. In rain or shine, your waterfront wedding will still be a hit, just make sure to have a backup tent or indoor space to fall back on.

3. Plan the restroom situation ahead of time.

It probably is not the most glamorous aspect of wedding planning, but if your venue is missing proper restroom facilities, be sure to consider portable restrooms. Trust us, you do not want to be dealing with overcrowded, muddy toilets on your special day. Mr. John has a great selection of luxury restroom trailers to complete your wedding vision.

4. Schedule your ceremony strategically.

If you envision your ceremony outdoors, try to plan your timing around the usual temperature at the time of your event. The sun is usually strongest at around 1 to 3 PM, and pesky insects may emerge post sunset. Remember lighting is key to setting the mood, so carefully choose candles, torches, or string bulbs to set your powerful finishing touches.