Times have changed in the world of portable toilets. Many options now exist specifically for weddings and more upscale special events.

When most people think of a wedding porta potty, their mind goes back many years to that horrible childhood moment when, out of sheer necessity, Mom took you inside of a dreaded portable toilet. The inside was small and cramped and the odor was overpowering. No one wanted to use it and certainly no one wanted to talk about it.

Luckily, times have changed and special event portable toilets have evolved. They are now made from better, more sanitary materials and have been engineered to offer more room, more amenities and fewer odors. Best of all, there are now more options available for those needing more upscale portable facilities such as outdoor wedding bathrooms and other types of special event restrooms.

New Options For Outdoor Wedding Bathrooms

All this is great news for those planning the most important event of a lifetime; their wedding. There are so many options available to help make your special day even more special. Portable restroom manufacturers have responded to demand for a large variety of facilities, from casual, budget friendly porta potties to lavish, high end special event mobile restrooms fit for royalty.

When considering wedding porta potties, there are many variables that must be evaluated prior to picking the perfect restroom. When you have fully evaluated the need for wedding portable restrooms and have an idea of how many you will need, you can start to consider the type and style of portable event bathroom that will be appropriate for your wedding.

Restroom Trailers for Outdoor Weddings

Restroom trailers are a popular choice for many types of weddings. These are fully functioning restrooms with flushing toilets and sinks built in to a trailer and can come in many sizes to accommodate either small or large events. Styles range from models with stalls like the Mr. John Gold Plus Restroom Trailer to upscale models like the Platinum Plus Restroom Trailerwhich has climate controlled private rooms, stereo music and skylights. The smallest restroom trailers usually contain two private restrooms to accommodate both male and female guests, like the Mr. John Silver Plus Restroom Trailer. There are also wheelchair accessible wedding restroom trailers for guests with special needs.

Special Event Portable Toilets

A similar variety of single portable toilets also exists today. These restrooms have been engineered to provide more room and can include flushing toilets, hand wash sinks, mirrored vanity areas and sanitary foot pedals, like the Mr. John Maxim. These are a good option for smaller weddings or locations where space is at a premium.

Whatever your unique wedding situation, you can rest assured that there is an appropriate wedding restroom solution that fits within your budget and style and will impress the guests at your most special event!

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