Even though the weather in the Tri-State area hasn’t been picture perfect this spring, Mid-May means that we at Mr. John have one thing on our minds: Summer. Once these clouds clear up, some sunshine calls for celebration. May and June are the perfect time for outdoor summer parties, and while you and your guests are celebrating Memorial Day, a graduation, or a just indulging in a reason to have some fun, we’re you’re one-stop shop for the party details that are a little less fun to plan.

While you choose your color scheme and decor, Mr. John will provide you with the services you need to make sure everything runs smoothly. You may not choose to make small talk about it with the guests, but the truth is that everyone needs a place to go. We pride ourselves in our vast inventory that allows you to choose the type of facility that suits you best.

Inviting the whole block over for a MDW bash? With Mr. John, you can lock the doors to your home’s personal bathrooms and say hello to portable sanitation. From a Standard Single Unit to the hardwood and marble Deluxe Trailer of your dreams, we will deliver you the best in the industry and see that each and everyone of your friends and family has a place to go.

If your home runs on a septic system and you’d prefer to hit two birds with one stone, our sister company Russell Reid provides pumping services to ensure that your tank is at peak functioning to accommodate the use of all your guests!

Whatever your reason for celebration, the Mr. John Company wants to be there to provide you with reliable, efficient, and clean service. Let’s kick off summer together!