This past month, Habitat for Humanity Suffolk County celebrated its 30th anniversary by having CEOs from across Long Island on-site to construct two homes.

Chavon Sanders, one of the grateful recipients of the house, was there for the day of the build. “I am appreciative that they have come to do it because they could be in their offices doing real work; instead they helped a good cause and that’s always a good thing,” Sanders said.

Among the participants was Gary Weiner, President of Mr. John and Russell Reid and active donor to the non-profit. “I thought it was an opportune time to get out and pitch in and actually do the work. Rather than just making a donation in kind, it’s where the rubber hits the road, swing the hammer, bang some nails, and build a house” Weiner said.

There seems to be something special about getting out of the office to participate in real work that makes a difference in the community. Habitat for Humanity has built over 190 homes in the past 30 years, providing affordable homeownership or families in need.

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